The End

Hello All,

This is Ed’s wife Haley and sadly, this will be the final update on Ed’s blog.

Ed fought amazingly hard, and made it to Texas, surprising his doctors.  Unfortunately by the time we arrived his organs had suffered too much damage and he no longer qualified for the clinical trials being offered.

Ed passed away over the holiday in his sleep, while his father and I held his hands.  His last words were “I love you” spoken about 12 hours earlier.  The palliative care team at MD Anderson did a wonderful job making his last few days as comfortable as possible.  Our boys were flown out to Texas to say goodbye and Ed rallied and woke up for them, hugged them and told them how much he loved him.  Under the circumstances that was a wonderful gift.

Ed was the kindest, sweetest, most incredible man I ever knew.  He had the biggest heart and there has been an outpouring of support from people all over the country who loved him.  While his loss has caused an unimaginable amount of pain, seeing how many lives he touched and how important he was to so many people has helped to ease that pain a bit.

A memorial service will be held for Ed after the holidays, as he did not want a funeral and requested to be cremated.  Ed hated the idea of ever causing anyone grief, sadness or pain.  His final request was to have a party in his honor, where we share stories about the good times and celebrate his wonderful life.

Thank you all for following his story, your support helped him fight as long as he did.  He truly did love you all.

Before Ed passed he set up a college fund for our two boys, if you would like to donate you can find the Go Fund Me page here:



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