Getting Serious

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

I try to keep things pretty light-hearted on this blog, but that’s going to be difficult for a while. My condition is deteriorating, and the lymphoma has officially spread to my lungs. Breathing has gotten pretty difficult, and any effort on my part, even going to the bathroom, requires extensive rest and recovery.

My primary oncologist here in Kansas City is pretty pessimistic, and has told me that he’s basically out of options or treatments to try. There is a special hospital in Houston called MD Anderson that is something of a last resort for us right now, and I’ll be taking a trip down there on December 20th.


Current Goal

As it is right this minute, I’m frankly not well enough to travel. I will need some kind of portable oxygen, which we’re still hoping to arrange. We need to arrange oxygen for when I’m home, too – keeping my O2 levels up has been a struggle for a while now.

Anyway, based on everything going on right now, if I do nothing I’ll have just a few weeks to live. We’re not giving up, and I’m going to fight this stupid disease with everything I have, whatever it takes. For now the goal is to make it to Houston and hope they have something, some kind of treatment, that can slow this thing down.

Of course, I have to plan for the worst, so I’ve set up a fundraiser for my kids’ and their future college tuition:

Click to Donate Now!

I’ll try and keep the updates coming as much as I can, but fatigue has been an obvious issue. Sleep has been tough, and the sleep I’m getting has been pretty rough with the lack of oxygen.

Anyway, have a great day and I’ll hopefully be updating again shortly.


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