The Way Things Is (as of November 16th)

As usual, there have been some drastic changes lately.

I came into the hospital last Saturday, in the hopes of refilling my painkiller prescription. I had stupidly forgotten to do that during the week, and the only way to get a refill during the weekend is to check in with an actual doctor. When the doctor saw me, he looked at my fever of 103.3 degrees, and decided that I wasn’t going anywhere.

So I was admitted on Saturday afternoon, and a couple of other issues were quickly noticed. For one, I appeared to have something in my lungs. Even worse, my right eye, which I’d been having trouble with since my hip surgery, appeared to show something in my brain pressing on some nerves.

After four straight days of tests, including my very first Spinal Tap (aka Lumbar Puncture), it’s been determined that my Lymphoma has spread to my lungs and into my brain. That second part is pretty bad.


My reaction upon hearing the test results.

So. Our current plan – and I emphasize current, because things change at the drop of a hat around here – is for the following:

I will be taking a new, somewhat experimental drug to deal with the existing cancer in my legs, lungs, and basically everywhere else below the neck. This will be just like my old chemo regimen, only stronger. One treatment every three weeks, and then keep an eye on the potential side effects.

I will also be travelling to the Plaza location of the hospital (which I do not have fond memories of), for an additional treatment. This one will be twice a week, and it will consist of a special drug being administered through Lumbar Puncture.

So, to repeat, that’s two Spinal Taps for me each week for the foreseeable future.

My doctors have been supportive, but they’ve also been getting grimmer and grimmer. I’m going to be honest and admit that things are getting pretty serious. The fact that the cancer has entered my brain is about as serious as things can get, and some of my doctors have even suggested I consider just taking it easy, making sure I’m comfortable, and spending the time I have with my family.

I can’t do that.

I don’t mind dying, I truly don’t. I’ve had a great life, certainly a better one than I deserve. But have you met my kids? Have you seen how amazing they are? I’m not leaving them. Not yet. I have lots more to teach, and they have lots more to show me. No matter how serious this all gets, and no matter how many painful treatments I need, I am not giving up.

I’ve survived more, and worse, than anyone reading this knows, and I’m going to survive this. I know I keep a positive attitude, and try to keep things light-hearted, but I am a fighter, and I am going to fight this.

To help get information to my boys, I’ve started working on a series of videos entitled Daddy School, the first of which I posted late last night. These are intended for my boys, but anyone can watch them if they find them entertaining.

I’m also working on putting together a college scholarship fund for the boys, so that anyone who gets the urge to help can throw in ten dollars now and then. This is still in the works, but once it’s up and running I’ll be posting links to it pretty constantly and shamelessly.

This is a pretty crazy time, and there’s a lot going on. For all I know, the plan may change again next week. But for now, this is the way things are. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments.


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